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Welcoming the new year with promise can be a tender journey, especially for those navigating the complexities of personal growth while trying to heal from trauma. 

Despite sincere attempts with conventional self-help techniques and resolutions, the lasting change you desire may feel challenging to attain.

Renew, Restore & Rise is a trauma-aware program which offers a compassionate perspective, going beyond traditional methods to provide gentle tools and guidance for authentic, sustainable transformation.

Bid farewell to the cycle of unfulfilled goals and step into a new year where your growth is nurtured with understanding and care. 

leave behind failed resolutions and embrace true transformation.

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You're trying so many things

Vision boards
Self-help books
Support groups

Long-lasting healing that addresses the root causes of trauma

Transformation that goes beyond temporary inspiration

Strategies tailored to your individual needs and experiences

Tools to navigate challenges and build resilience on a deep, sustainable level

You want:

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You may have felt stuck in a cycle of unfulfilled goals, unable to break free from old patterns, and struggling to set and achieve your goals. These struggles can leave you feeling frustrated and stagnant. 

Renew, Restore, and Rise program provides you direct access to a trauma-aware coach who understands how trauma affects us physiologically and how much work it takes to heal from trauma while also accomplishing other things in your life. You get the personalized strategies and support that you need. 

Clear action steps for reaching your goals

Custom tools to help you heal

Resources to build resilience


Safe, supportive environment

Imagine stepping into the future with confidence and inner peace.


Your journey includes six bi-weekly sessions, support via Slack during office hours, custom tools and resources combined with caring, compassionate, trauma-aware coaching designed to help you heal, learn the best way for YOU to set and reach goals, and support and accountability. 

what if, three months from now, your life could look entirely different?

Are you ready for lasting change?

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With Ginger I felt like I was in a safe space. She was very compassionate, empathetic and related to my issues at hand. She gave me simple action steps to take, so I didn't get more overwhelmed than I already was. She helped me put some things into perspective and I really appreciated that. I have a deep gratitude for people doing the healing in this field because I know this work can't be easy, so thank you. Ginger.

~Tina P.


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Bonus #1: Complimentary workbook "Setting Healthy Boundaries for a Drama-Free Holiday Season"
Bonus #2: Holiday Self-Care Checklist
Bonus #3: Join Reclaim Your Joy, the pop-up private Facebook support group for only $15! (regularly $25)

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...

• You are working on healing from trauma
• You want to end the self-sabotage
• You need to build resilience 
• You want to avoid burnout
• You want a clear path to reaching your goals

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Receive the Setting Boundaries workbook and the Holiday Self-Care Checklist. Work through them and focus on making the holidays enjoyable for YOU.

Choose how you want to pay - in full, in two monthly payments, or in three monthly payments. 

This program kicks-off in January. You will schedule your first appointment on a day and time that works for you in January. You get 6 bi-weekly sessions, over three months. 

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six session coaching program

How it Works

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I am mission-driven to help women. Starting back in 2014 when I formed and ran a non-profit diaper bank from my home, distributing nearly 400,000 diapers to families in need in three years, I have felt compelled to make a big impact. 

As I have worked through my own trauma from an abusive childhood and loveless first marriage, I have been drawn to work with other women who have experienced trauma and burnout. Helping women get back to the essence of who they are and watching them live boldly is so fulfilling. 

Let's get to work!


I’m Ginger



Picture a new year where you have the resources to build resilience, banish burnout, tame trauma, and set a clear plan for reaching your goals. 

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While therapy provides valuable support, this program is designed as a guided journey with a focus on resilience-building and practical strategies tailored to your experiences. It complements traditional therapeutic approaches, offering a holistic perspective. 

How is coaching different from therapy?

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I've tried self-help before and haven't seen lasting change. How is this program unique? 

Unlike traditional self-help methods, this program goes beyond surface-level inspiration. We delve into the root causes of trauma, providing customized tools for sustainable transformation. 

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How do you create a safe space over Zoom?

By providing an atmosphere of trust, confidentiality, co-regulation, and open communication. During our sessions, no one is in the vicinity of my home office. Sharing is never forced. Your comfort is my top priority. 

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I struggle with self-esteem. How will this program address those challenges?

Recognizing the impact of trust and self-esteem on healing, this program incorporates strategies specifically designed to nurture self-trust and boost self-esteem. If you are in the online community, that can play a vital role in fostering a sense of belonging. 

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Can I achieve lasting change in three months?

While six sessions may seem short, the program is structured to provide focused, impactful guidance. The goal is to create a strong foundation for ongoing personal growth. The resources provided ensure you continue progressing beyond the program. 

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I've invested in programs before and struggle to stay committed. How is this program different? 

This program acknowledges the challenges of commitment. The trauma-aware approach, personalized strategies, and support aim to create an environment where you feel motivated, understood, and empowered to continue the journey.

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Is the program only for those with severe trauma, or can it benefit someone with milder challenges? 

The program is designed to cater to a spectrum of experiences, from milder challenges to more severe trauma. The trauma-aware approach ensures that everyone can benefit, and the individualized support means the program adapts to your unique needs. 

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How much time do I need to dedicate to the program?

Every other week, you will need to devote an hour to our session. You will be provided with various resources and activities that will require time outside of our sessions. Some of the activities will require continued attention even after the program has ended. Everyone works at their own pace, so there is not a set number of hours. Change does not come without continued action.

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What is the investment?

The investment is $1,050. You have three ways to pay so it fits your budget - pay in full, pay in 2 monthly payments, or pay in 3 monthly payments! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment is capped at 10 people, so snag your spot today so you are ready to go in January!


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