Trauma takes so much. I know. As someone who suffered through a physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive childhood at the hands of my mother, I sought out comfort, ease, calm, rest, safety and security as an adult.

Because I was in my developing years while living through hell as a child, I was never able to figure out who I was, who I was meant to be. I was always in fight/flight/or freeze mode. It took well into my adulthood and being in a space and relationship where I KNEW I was safe, where I KNEW I could face what had happened to me and finally work on restoring my soul; becoming the person I was meant to be and discovering the work I was meant to do.

Through therapy, research, trial and error, and some life changes, I have found comfort, ease, calm, rest, safety, security; I restored my soul.

So often, we tamp down our trauma responses in the name of being “strong” or a “survivor.” We push it aside, ignore it, and power through - but that never leads us to what we truly desire.

You can work to create the life you deserve through coaching to identify your trauma triggers, develop coping techniques, setting (and enforcing!) boundaries, receiving support in a safe space, and making the life changes necessary to give YOU comfort, ease, calm, rest, safety, and security. Are you ready to restore your soul?

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Have you ever wanted more support while healing from trauma?

My own healing journey was a long time in the making. The thing about healing from trauma is you need to be in a safe place in your life to start. You need to feel secure. You need to feel no judgment or shame.
Working with me as your coach, you get that safe space for healing.

healing from trauma is hard. it takes work and it takes someone who had to heal herself to help others, like you, get on the path to recovery.

Get a gentle hand to guide you and walk you through the scary stuff that examining the roots of your trauma can throw at you. 
Coaching gives you tools, resources, and support you want and need during this process. 


Trauma takes. I know that first hand. It robs you of your personality, your confidence, your sense of safety, inner peace, and the essence of who you are.
Healing from trauma feels like your soul being restored. The process takes all those parts that trauma destroyed and slowly brings them back, repairs them, and puts them back together. 

How would it feel to have your soul restored? To get back what trauma took?

You can live the life you deserve

What if I told you that the key to transforming your healing journey is within your grasp?


A 12-session, 6 month program designed to guide you through the intricacies of healing from overwhelming emotional triggers. Imagine a life where strained relationships are replaced with authentic connections, and daily activities no longer feel like a minefield of triggers.

My unique approach goes beyond conventional coaching – it's a personalized roadmap to rediscover your resilience and emotional well-being. No more navigating alone, no more suppression. Picture a space where fear of vulnerability transforms into a source of strength, and healthy coping mechanisms become your daily companions.

This isn't just about a program; it's about unlocking your potential for profound change. Say goodbye to withdrawal from social activities during emotional distress, and hello to a life where you're in control. Ready to trade isolation for support, and suppression for empowerment? Your healing journey starts now. Enroll in Restorative Coaching and let the transformation begin.



I understand that no two journeys to recovery are the same. That's why this program is anything but one-size-fits-all. Your unique needs and experiences are at the forefront, ensuring that your healing process is as individual as you are. Our approach is centered around providing you with the tools and activities that genuinely work for you, helping you not just cope but thrive.

I firmly believe that healing requires more than just talk. This program equips you with a versatile toolkit of coping mechanisms that can be personalized to suit your unique circumstances. Whether it's mindfulness techniques, stress management strategies, or personal growth activities, I have you covered. Your journey is about finding what truly resonates with you.


Restorative Coaching goes beyond traditional therapy. This program includes a range of hands-on activities, tailored to your needs, to help you on your path to recovery. These activities serve as a powerful way to address your trauma and banish burnout. From techniques to circumvent panic attacks to mindfulness exercises, each activity is carefully selected to support your healing process.


You Will Receive...

- Tina 

"With Ginger I felt like I  was in a safe space. She was very compassionate, empathetic and related to my issues at hand. She gave me simple action steps to take, so I didn't get more overwhelmed than I already was. She helped me put some things into perspective and I really appreciated that. I have a deep gratitude for people doing the healing in this field because I know this work can't be easy, so thank you, Ginger. "

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Self-care is always important, but even more so while working on healing from trauma. You can utilize this planner to track everything from exercise to sleep to your mood and more. Use what works for you and helps you become more comfortable focusing on yourself and your wellbeing.


Self-Care Planner

Value: $45

Did you know that trauma can be a big reason why you may have difficulty reaching goals or creating new habits? Trauma caused your mind and body to keep you in a certain state of being and they perceive change as scary and possibly dangerous. So they kick in to try and keep you from changing. This workbook helps you focus on small, incremental changes that won't overwhelm you.


The Habit Helper

Value: $45

• Your own client portal where you can access any "homework" or other items you need

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payment plan

• Your own client portal where you can access any "homework" or other items you need

• Answer the intake questions prior to our first session

• Thoroughly read and sign the contract

• Receive access to your bonuses 

• Pay in full after booking your first appointment


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I am mission-driven to help women. Starting back in 2014 when I formed and ran a non-profit diaper bank from my home, distributing nearly 400,000 diapers to families in need in three years, I have felt compelled to make a big impact. 

As I have worked through my own trauma from an abusive childhood and loveless first marriage, I have been drawn to work with other women who have experienced trauma and burnout. Helping women get back to the essence of who they are and watching them live boldly is so fulfilling. 

Let's get to work!


I’m Ginger

  • You aren't committed to your healing
  • You are seeking a quick fix
  • You are unwilling to be vulnerable 
  • You aren't ready for self-reflection

This is not for you if...

Let's be real... 

This is PERFECT for you if...

  • You are committed to personal growth
  • You want to build resilience
  • You are seeking holistic support
  • You want a bespoke experience and individualized support

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You get two sessions each month, occurring every other week, over the course of six months.

what is the time commitment?

Every other week, you will need to devote an hour to our session. You will be provided with various resources and activities that will require time outside of our sessions. Some of the activities will require continued attention even after the program has ended. Everyone works at their own pace, so there is not a set number of hours. Change does not come without continued action.

how is coaching different from therapy?

While therapy provides valuable support, this program is designed as a guided journey with a focus on resilience-building and practical strategies tailored to your experiences. It complements traditional therapeutic approaches.

what is the investment?

This life-changing program is only $2,200 and you have four ways to pay - in full, or choose 2, 3, or 6 monthly payments. Your investment can be as low as $367/month.

what makes this unique?

Unlike traditional self-help methods, this program goes beyond surface-level inspiration. We delve into the root causes of trauma, providing customized tools for sustainable transformation. 

do you offer refunds?

No. Due to the digital products available to you once you pay, we are unable to issue refunds in order to protect the integrity of the program and prevent people from taking the information and quitting.

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